We will just get right to it! Here are some great wedding services that we just don’t feel are used enough.

6. Welcome Bags. Although gaining more popularity these days, we do believe they are under used still. For your out of town guests, this is the first thing to introduce them to your city and your wedding. This is a great opportunity to continue to brand your wedding, giving your wedding guests a smooth experience.

5. Ushers. This is a tradition that may be on its way out, but I think we should hold onto it a while longer. We see all the signs on Pinterest about choosing a seat, not a side. Where do the introverts sit?! Ushers can help with that!

4. Amenity baskets in the restrooms. Other women can probably agree with me how helpful these baskets are. We can’t fit everything we need in that small clutch. There are so many things you could put in these baskets to be helpful to your guests: ibuprofen, cough drops, tums, hairspray/gel, tide-to-go, safety pins, lint rollers and the list continues on and on! Guys, don’t act like you don’t want to freshen up for your lady! These are for you too!

3. Valet. We all try our best to be on time for weddings, but sometimes there are just issues that arise. If you are having your wedding in a location that doesn’t have a parking lot or always has busy street parking, please consider hiring a valet. Just be sure if you do have a valet, that you let your guests know ahead of time that this service is available to them and that it’s already paid for!

2. UberEvents. Did you know this was a thing?! You can contact Uber and create a code for your event that allows you to pay for your guest’s Uber rides. This service could be in conjunction with a valet or an alternative. Be sure to put the code in your invites and/or welcome bags to make sure it is used!

1. Coat Check Who wants to fit these things around your table while you are trying to enjoy a meal! Why not offer your guests the service of keeping track of their belongings for them while they enjoy their evening. Offering a coat check will keep guests looking nice without big frumpy coats, your room looking nice without coats scattered around, and no one will have to worry about their coat on the rack because there is an attendant!