Yes, we all know that weddings are typically held on a Saturday or Friday. Yes, we all know that venues and vendors typically charge more on Friday and Saturdays because of this. But what about having a weekday wedding?

For a budget conscious person, such as myself, I personally love the idea of having a fabulous event at an affordable price! This trend of weekday weddings is very slowly reaching the Midwest as it is already very popular in Europe, and is becoming more and more popular along the East Coast, especially NYC.

Now there are many pros and cons to having a weekday wedding… and here are some that I have come up with (feel free to add to them!)


  • Less expensive!!!!!!!!!!! Venues, Vendors, Photographers!!!! On average their prices are a little more than 1/3 rd the price of having a wedding on a Fri. or Sat.
  • More availability. They say that you need to plan your wedding 18 months out, but what if you want to get married under a year from your
    engagement? Or maybe the venue of your dreams is booked on the weekend you want to get married. I bet they have a Wednesday or Thursday open! You’ll also be able to keep the day that you really want. Maybe you want to get married on the anniversary of your first date or your when you got engaged. Unfortunately those days do not always end up on a Friday or Saturday.
  • More Bang for your Buck. A lot of vendors will throw in extras or be more apt to discount some of their services on these days.
  • People will most like consume or drink as many alcoholic beverages on weekday than they would on a weekend.
  • Traveling is less expensive and you can get better rates on airfare and hotels


  • Not everyone will be able to show up…some may not have the vacation time or be able to get out of work.
  • Some relatives or those who usually “stick to tradition” may have certain opinions about a weekday wedding. Because of this, you may need to come up with a way to nicely and politely tell them that this is YOUR decision and not theirs.

I think what it basically comes down to if you are thinking of a weekday wedding, is your guests. If you plan on having a wedding on a weekday prepare to get a few more “no’s” than “yes’s” on your RSVP cards. Many will send their love but will not be able to make it. As long as you can allow yourself to not get offended about this, than I think your in good shape to consider a wedding during the week.

So, is Thursday the new Saturday? Wednesday the new Friday? What do you think?